Dubai Summer Surprises

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I arrived Dubai safely, and spent over 4 weeks attending interviews, unfortunately, I didn’t get the kind of job I wanted, so I decided to return home. while preparing to come back, I started shopping for items to sell.

Few weeks after I returned, I got a job in Lagos, Yeah! i was excited.  Within the next 6 months, I was done selling those items and immediately there was this longing to go back again, and good enough there was going to be Dubai Summer surprises at that time.

It’s a shopping event, and there are usually lots of amazing bargains, which was good for Business.

Do I have enough money to go back? No! But this time, it’s a business trip, so for me, it was achievable. Next, I drafted a business plan to see if it will be worth while.

My proposed business was really looking good but I have to buy in large quantities to be able to absorb my overheads such as a ticket, hotel, visa, transportation, and feeding to make good profit, hence I needed large funds.

The business plan looked promising, therefore, I shared with a few friends and to my surprise, they were ready to fund my trip, I was ecstatic! I quickly booked my flight ticket far in advance; I got a very good deal, took advantage of the Id el Kabir break which was on a Friday and a Monday, so I had 4 days for the trip.  

This time around I boarded in peace and I was ready for the Immigration officers because I’m no longer a fresher! I was so ready for them. Lol

On getting to Dubai, I went straight to shopping, travelling to Dubai after living there for a month felt like I was going to Lagos Island (Eko market) lol…

It was shopping extravaganza. Have you ever shopped for 48 hours at a stretch? That was exhausting. By 1 a.m. Monday morning, I was on my way back to Lagos.

Tuesday morning, I resumed work, tired! At that point, I just believed I can achieve anything I put my mind to. And I think this is applicable to all, Money can not hold us back!

What goal are you trying to achieve? it’s time to take a step