First Time Flying…

Few months after youth service, after several job applications, I decided to go work and live in Dubai UAE. I had a few savings, but not enough to even buy a flight ticket and I had no international passport.

After I conceived this idea, I prayed and started saving more from my business, (I used to sell female apparel). I started pushing out sales and then save the proceeds. While I was at this, I did several types of research about working and living in Dubai. And also, financial planning, which includes; processing a passport, visa, ticket, hotel reservation, and every other travel expense. I started applying to Jobs and a few months later I got various interview calls. Before long, I realized I had to be in Dubai earlier than I planned, to show up for face-to-face interviews.

Much later, I compared my savings to the overall cost sadly, my savings wasn’t sufficient for the entire flying expenses, and here I was, dreaming about Dubai already… At this point I had to leverage on my family–and yes! Crowdfunding worked! But I will call it Family funding… lol

Days into weeks, I got my passport, ticket, One month visa, hotel reservation, and headed for my trip.

First time on a plane, Yeahhh… it was a dream come true, before boarding, I went through torture at the Nigerian immigration stand, just because I’m a fresher. Anyway, I boarded but I couldn’t locate my seat, why? I was searching for my economy class seat in Business class; I mean who does that? lol. The air hostess politely walked me to my class, I was mortified! Thereafter, my international trips began.

What was your first time experience like?

Did you have enough money, or you had to do Family funding like me? Share your experience